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Creating a space for black-owned businesses to grow and thrive.

Our goal is to facilitate a space and connection in our city so that Black-owned businesses can continue to flourish. This central community resource will be accessible for all Spartanburg residents and visitors to utilize and share in their everyday lives.


Does this cost anything?

No! It is completely free. You just need to fill out the form if you are a Spartanburg county or city business to add your business. It will then go through our review process, where we will notify you through email once it has been reviewed about your approval.

I submitted already but I still don’t see my business. Do I need to resubmit?

No. If you submitted a form, we will already have you in our database. You DO NOT need to resubmit as that will create duplicates that we will need to remove. We have many businesses in our community and are doing our best to review them as fast as possible! Look out for your approval email, which will be sent out after review!

I own multiple businesses in Spartanburg. How do I fill out the form?

 Fill out the form for each of the businesses that you operate in Spartanburg only. We will review and process them as separate entries.

If I am not a black-owned business, but I am a minority that owns a business. Why can’t I submit?

Black Spartanburg in particular was created to bring more attention to our black businesses with the aim of creating a more equitable and diverse business environment. We do not aim to put down other groups, but to lift up others that have historically had less access to resources and opportunities due to systemic issues. We support all those in our business community and understand the need for resources to all of our minority-owned businesses. As some have said, we aim to “level the playing field.”

I want to volunteer and help promote this platform! What can I do to help?

We really love all of the support from our community and even others that find this platform as we move to create a more equitable Spartanburg. Feel free to fill out our question form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. As our directory continues to grow, anything you can do from promoting the website and the fillable form for black businesses to sharing with friends and family, encouraging usage of the site to intentionally engage with our business community in a more diverse way is appreciated! Opportunities to share your experience or volunteer your time may come up, if so, we will reach out to you!

Get Involved

As we grow the directory, we’re looking for volunteers to help capture and share stories of people that are moving us towards a greater, united, one Spartanburg. Want to help spread the word? Let us know how you’d like to volunteer in the contact form below.


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